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Former Actor For Hire

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

(And the only AI contributing is found in my name. Call me ChatBPS.)

I was an actor for years. And I sometimes forget how specialized the industry is and mysterious it might seem. While actors are depicted on stage and screen or in literature, those stories often feature the extremes of comedy and tragedy and rarely the reality of the profession. It’s not about neuroses and narcissism as it’s sometimes painted, I promise you.

If you don’t know what the life of an actor is like and why you should hire one—let me explain.

First, some innate attributes:

I’d start with creativity and curiosity. But most importantly, actors embody empathy. Studies show that reading fiction enhances our ability to empathize. So actors using their imaginations and whole beings to tell another’s story would be a great leap forward in understanding other perspectives and building empathy.

Or is being good with people not important in any job?

Let’s look at the day-to-day, on-the-job skills and abilities:

Whether playing a part or constantly looking for the next, I guarantee an actor is trying new approaches, taking risks, and building relationships. We solve problems using analysis and intuition, while probably also working a second job to make ends meet.

Actors are part-time dreamers and full-time pragmatists.

When cast, actors learn something quickly and deepen that knowledge with time and practice. We face steep learning curves and rapidly rise to meet those challenges. Plus as natural communicators, we command the subtleties of language.

In jobspeak: We collaborate with many stakeholders, and we’re solutions-focused and mission-driven.

Now for the abilities accumulated in our careers:

Resilience is first and foremost. We develop a thick skin against criticism and rejection. And we’re always forward-thinking.

Learn from the past. Stay in the present. Look to the future.

We must be adaptable and resourceful—much of the job is strategically making things work with tight timelines and limited budgets. And so we learn to be multi-talented with a broad knowledge base. Research is essential, so constant learning and career development go hand-in-hand with the lifestyle.

Anything I pick up today might be useful tomorrow.

And we get how to engage an audience and capture their attention. That’s a trait developed by knowing how to read a room and hold it with poise and presence. It’s natural for some and others just fake it till they make it. But you’d never know which it was.

Actors understand marketing. We are our own brand and therefore must know how to sell it. For instance, would I have included this headshot unless I thought it would bring more eyes to this post? It’s packaging the product.

I could go on and on, and on. I once delivered a four-page monologue—just me and the audience for twenty minutes. I could tell war stories, spin yarns, and share hilarity from my days in the biz. But that’s not the point of this, is it?

Hire an actor. You’ll get a wealth of skills and natural abilities from someone willing to learn many more.


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