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Blaine Patrick Smith

See truth. Find love.
Share truth. Give love.

Blaine often wonders why the person featured on a website writes in the third person. He questions if he should do likewise to give his site some gravitas. “This is ridiculous," I say to myself." On a website with my name and face, promoting a book I wrote about me that uses many first person pronouns, doesn't it sound strange to suddenly describe myself from a removed point of view?”

Third Person Blaine glances askance and looks aghast. “To be brazenly blunt, First Person Blaine ought not so boldly buck tradition,” he alliterates angrily.

“Go buck yourself,” I reply in the second person, further frustrating Third Person Blaine as he huffs off. “Good riddance." We all have other voices living in our heads, right?

Or is that just me?

"See truth. Find love. Share truth. Give love."

I wrote that in a road-diary I kept for a 40th birthday trip to Europe and thought it so clever, as if I'd discovered buried treasure. My motto for a new decade seemed obvious, but these four phrases are much easier to write down than realize. Maybe those other voices can help and we’ll find some laughs and wisdom along the way as we stumble around searching for all that truth and love out there.

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"Late Bloomer"

Seeking Representation and Publisher

Coming out at 35 surprised me most of all.

My memoir is a mid-life coming of age story about a big gay Gulliver figuring out a new life in a strange new land, full of heartbreak and humor, sex and sexuality, confusion and connection—

and finding joy in the journey.


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