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Dressing for Dinner

No, not like a bottle of Ranch as a meal. But remember when people would dress up for dinner?

Or at least, remember those old movies when characters arrived at restaurants in their evening finery? Men in tailored, stately suits. Women with lowered necklines and glistening jewels. An air of excitement crackled around them in anticipation for the night's festivities and feast.

And remember when those same sorts swept down grand staircases in beaded gowns and crisp tuxedos, often with one hand lightly spilling a coupe of champagne as the other left a trail of cigarette smoke tracing a gestural path. All laughed. The formal attire popped everyone's posture. When their gracious host called them into dinner, the movement of the group was a dreamy waltz with backs straight and arms out, taking small deliberate steps and weaving amongst each other in a symphony of bows and curtsies, all as a masterpiece of manners and courtesies.

It was an occasion, worthy of all the extra starch and layers despite the dry cleaning bills. I'm all for comfort and convenience, but there's something missing these days—a sense of occasion.

Certain events in life, certain times, certain places demand more fuss, greater ado, and increased spectacle. That's how we honor those times and moments in our lives that we treasure. Should we adopt white-tie formality for every meal? Of course not. But particularly with another round of holiday get-togethers approaching, find those opportunities to make an event an occasion.

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