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Staying Connected

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, assuming you don't need to stop for gas. Or maybe a snack. Oh! And what if you're listening to a song you're really into and you'd rather meander a little to enjoy your jam? So maybe the shortest, non-snackiest, least musical distance between two points is a straight line.

Point A is where you start. The beginning. It is your center, your home base, your root. It represents the past, the where you've been, the foundation. Point B is where you finish. The end. It is your intention, your hope, your will made manifest. It represents the future, the where you wish to be, the aspiration. But what about that line? That line between is the journey. It is your transition through time. It is your path, your progress, your presence. It is your present, both a gift and the moment between past and future.

So why not take the most enjoyable, snackiest, most musical adventure you can each time? Meander a little. Wander. Bend and twist that straight line between two points into something delightfully curvilinear. Or if you absolutely must go straight between points A and B, appreciate the lines that connect them and your presence in the present.

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