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To the Hat of the Matter

Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Let’s cover getting ahead. But before we do, let’s get a head covered. And since we’ve covered heads, let’s talk about hats. HATS!

Do you know how many myriad modes and fantastical forms of hats we've donned and doffed from the dawn of time to today? From the simplest coverings protecting our seats of reason from the rain, the cold, the heat, the snow, a rock, or feet—we have hats for every occasion under the sun. Or out of the sun!

Every culture in every period brims with entries to this colossal conglomeration of caps, this large legion of lids, this heaping horde of hats. From the festively formal to the useful utility, from the sleek and sporty to the grand and gargantuan, from the trim traditional to the incredible iconoclasts—there’s a hat for everything and everyone.

Take your pick from A to Z. A hat for you, a hat for me.

An Ascot, a Boater, a Cappello romano, a Deerstalker, an Equestrian helmet, a Fascinator, a Gat, a Homburg, an Icelandic tail-cap, a Jaapi, a Kepi, a Leghorn bonnet, a Mitre, a Non La, an Optimo, a Pillbox, a Quadricorn, a Rastacap, a Sombrero, a Tam o’ Shanter, an Ushanka, a Vueltiao, a Whoopee cap, a Xiphonium, a Yarmulke, or a Zucchetto.

These hats are real—all but one. Spot the fake, let’s have some fun. If you find the whopper in amongst those toppers, I’ll take my … off to you.

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